Tax Advisory, Tax Planning & Filing

Must I be so Nice to Uncle Sam?

Well, there are ways to have a better deal with Uncle Sam but it takes a lot of planning.

Tax Advisory, Tax Planning & Filing

Effective tax planning allows a financial plan to be more meaningful while minimizing tax liability. In other words, tax planning means either deferring or minimizing taxes by taking full advantage of the beneficial tax-law provisions, increasing tax deductions and tax credits, and by making good use of all applicable breaks that are available under the Internal Revenue Code.

Occams Tax Advisory uses effective tools used in tax planning such as timing of income, purchases and expenditures, selection of investments and retirement plans, filing status, deductions optimization etc. to provide its tax clients highly effective results. In absence of expert guidance, individuals make costly tax mistakes like selling appreciated securities too soon when holding on for a little longer would have resulted in lower-taxes long-term capital gains; withdrawing from a retirement account before age 59 ½ and getting hit with a 10% premature withdrawal penalty tax among other things. Similarly, businesses make mistakes such as having the wrong tax structure, not claiming all depreciation’s and write-off available to them and so on. Every financial transaction—whether you’re an individual or a business owner—has the potential to impact your tax strategy. We ensure that your tax planning is compliant and effective.

Occams’ business clients have benefited through our expertise in identifying optimal structuring, helping clients opt for the tax-effective mergers & acquisitions structure, and not getting lost in the complicated tax code for liquidations and reorganizations. We also assist with real estate analysis and tax structuring that help limit your tax liability. We offer services ranging from analyzing tax issues to appropriate responses to complicated and intimidating notices from various tax authorities.

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