Tailored Payment Solutions & Verification Services


Tailored Payment Solutions & Verification Services

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Tailored Payment Solutions & Verification Services

Each business has its unique challenges. The risk factors that it faces emanate from the way it operates and the way it is structured. The geographic locations, supply-chain, employee training and practices, legal framework, corporate structure, they all impact how the business is perceived by the payment service providers. We have a highly sophisticated Risk Management and we understand which of your business drivers or processes can cause the financial institutions to classify you as high-risk or put you on their radar, we work with you to customize solutions that work for your business. Over the years, we have helped businesses by move to countries and currencies or methods of payments processing that are more suitable to their business needs. In an increasingly complex global business landscape, our customized solutions are increasingly more valuable to our global clientele.

We bring our merchants a range of solutions suitable for all risk categories from traditional & low risk to emerging & high risk. We specialize in cutting-edge high-risk solutions, even for international merchants. We provide the most comprehensive Risk Verification suite for industries. To our high-risk industry clients, our Risk Verification focus provides a safety-net and assurance. For our eCheck merchants, our Live Payment Verification could be the difference between a healthy banking relationship and a closed bank account. The savings enabled by our Verification Suite can make a very significant impact to a merchant’s bottom-line.

We call, text, and email the customers who work with our eCheck merchants to ensure that the authorizations are duly verified and reconfirmed before payments are processed. Our goal is to ensure these customers can confirm a payment to a neutral third party in a no-pressure situation. These confirmations not only reduce the risk of returns, they also enhance the customer-centric image of our merchants.

We even call your customer’s banks to confirm the availability of funds, account status, payer background before we let the eCheck deposit to our merchant’s bank account. This ensures that more checks get processed successfully. This helps minimize the returns that can hurt your banking relationship. We are one of select providers who offer this service, and we have access to more banks than most, given our global presence.

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