Structuring, Incorporation & Accounting Advisory


Structuring, Incorporation & Accounting Advisory

C Corp, S Corp or LLC?

The differences between structures can affect the bottom line in a significant way.

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Structuring, Incorporation & Accounting Advisory

One of the key questions, when starting a business, is choosing a structure that affords the ability to meet the ascertained goals. Structural differences can affect the foundation in a significant way. A solid structure, when planned, enables focus on more important business decisions. Occams helps its clients plan a corporate structure, which is effective in attaining the desired objectives, while being tax efficient.

Occams uses its expertise and knowledge of US states laws to make a highly-customized recommendation to its clients with reference to the process of incorporation. We help our clients choose between entity type-C Corporation (a separate taxpaying entity that conducts business, realizes net income or loss, pays taxes and distributes profits to shareholders with the profit of a corporation being taxed to the corporation when earned and then taxed to the shareholders when distributed as dividends thus creating double taxation) and a Limited Liability Company (LLC) (which is a pass through entity and like a C Corporation provides legal protection to its owners, but unlike a Corporation, does not pay any Federal or State income tax) and help them use a S Corporation (which affords benefits like LLC while being an Incorporation). Occams uses its expertise to advise its clients on the options that best achieve the incorporation objectives including an efficient global tax structure.

Through Accounting Advisory, we provide technical accounting and financial reporting services that allows our clients to meet the relevant regulations. We establish company-wide accounting documentation and policy frameworks and assist with streamlining the financial processes and controls. We work with our clients to solve complex issues arising from new accounting guidelines and help to integrate it into accounting systems and workflow. Compliance with tax and accounting regulations is a key part of any successful enterprise. Occams provides the right advice to keep its clients updated on all the relevant rules. In addition, we provide internal finance functions such as GAAP conversion, statutory reporting services and updated industry and business specific regulations.

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