Optimized Unsecured Debt Cost and Exposure

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The debt maze and the ways to make the most of cheap money on the offer.

Optimized Unsecured Debt Cost and Exposure

Having good credit is an important tool in building and maintaining financial independence. In order to make large purchases such as buying a home, a car, or attending an expensive university, you must establish good credit, so lenders have a strong understanding of your ability to spend money effectively and pay back on time. At Occams, we can help you across a wide range of needs when it comes to credit cards. Some of our core products in the credit card space include tools for effective credit card management, tools to procure appropriate credit cards based on your financial background and goals, resources for helping to keep your credit card balance low, and expertise in helping you renegotiate or settle your existing credit card debt. We understand that credit cards are an important tool in enhancing your financial freedom, and we work with you to ensure your credit card needs are properly addressed. Our role is always advisory, and guidance driven. You still own your financial freedom and goals. By empowering you with knowledge and insights, we let you take charge of your financial world, and be efficient with your money.

Consumers usually take out personal loans when they are trying to consolidate high-interest debt or finance a large purchase such as a home improvement project. Interest rates on these loans are typically lower than credit cards for those individuals with good credit. Personal loans also tend to be unsecured, meaning they don’t require collateral. Personal loans are a type of consumer credit taken out for a variety of individual reasons. Unlike mortgages or auto loans, a personal loan doesn’t have to be allocated to any specific expense and can used for almost anything. Most consumers use personal loans to finance a variety of expensive items such as home improvement projects, consolidating high interest debt, and large medical expenses. We understand that personal loans might sometimes be the best course of action to satisfy certain expensive projects. Therefore, we provide resources for consumers to procure the most useful personal loans for their needs or help customers find better options for their existing personal loans.

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