Financial Technology & Payment Solutions


Financial Technology & Payment Solutions

Through Occams Group organizations, EquiPay and Occams Merchant Services (OMS), we enable and empower the connections that make business & commerce possible. We add value to the business of our merchants by providing them not only the payment solutions that best fit their needs, but the ones that are most cost efficient. Each day our world-wide merchants rely on us to deliver sophisticated solutions that help them, their customers & employees transact in the evolving world of commerce, and thus make the most of every transaction.

Depending upon the range and complexity of their Our global footprint, our peerless partner network and robust digital presence allows us to serve you regardless of where you are. We can serve virtually any business in over 120 countries. Through our extensive network, we make and sustain professional relationships with you, whether physically or virtually. More importantly, we ensure you get a comprehensive and customized suite of payment solutions.


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