The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act* includes several significant business tax and non-tax provisions. Here is the most comprehensive list of 100 FAQs compiled in conjunction with Internal Revenue Services website.

    12 Popular Questions
    General Information
    Which Employers are Eligible to Claim the Employee Retention Credit
    Which Entities are Considered a Single Employer Under the Aggregation Rules
    What Types of Governmental Orders Related to COVID-19 May be Taken into Account for Purposes of the Employee Retention Credit
    When an Employer’s Trade or Business Operations are Considered to be Fully or Partially Suspended Due to a Governmental Order
    When an Employer is Considered to have a Significant Decline in Gross Receipts
    Maximum Amount of an Eligible Employer’s Employee Retention Credit
    Determining Qualified Wages
    Determining the Amount of Allocable Qualified Health Plan Expenses
    How to Claim the Employee Retention Credit
    Interaction with Other Credit and Relief Provisions
    Special Issues for Employees: Income and Deduction
    Related Employee Retention Credits: General Information FAQs
    Special Issues for Employers: Use of Third Party Payers
    Other Issues