Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

$1 Billion+ ERCs Claimed in 2021

Qualify for up to $26,000 per employee

or Get $1000s per Employee | No Need to Repay

Has your business been impacted by COVID-19?

  • If yes, you may qualify for up to $26,000 PER employee in Employee Retention Credit (ERC). The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is exactly what it sounds like—business owners are being rewarded for their efforts to keep employees on payroll during the pandemic.
  • The ERC has gone through significant updates. Even if you and your advisor have reviewed this before, we encourage you to take another look with one of our specialists to uncover all qualifying activities and wages that will maximize your benefit and/or refund.

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We are actively working with business owners from all industries to assist them in claiming this valuable tax reduction before the quarterly deadline. We can speed the application process for our clients because of our intimate relationships with industry specialists and IRS commissioners.

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The ERC is available to businesses who were impacted by the pandemic. Many business owners had to adapt to Government-mandated shutdowns last year. Restaurants that could not let customers dine indoors or a manufacturer that had to slow their production due to COVID19 restrictions are examples.

Here are some impacts to consider that qualify your business for the Employee Retention Credit:

  1. Full / Partial shutdowns 
  2. Interruption/ Reduction / Limitation on operations 
  3. Supply chain interruptions/ Inability to access equipment 
  4. Reduction in services or goods offered to your customers 
  5. Reduction in hours of operation 

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