Compensation Structuring & Retention Enhancement

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Compensation Structuring & Retention Enhancement

Whether paving the way for a new strategic direction, executing a merger, or efficiently responding to an economic downturn, Occams works with its clients to deliver a customized blueprint. We work further with our clients to compose and implement a roadmap. In any situation, Occams focuses on aligning the structure with the strategy. We consistently follow our core principles to ensure that we provide a simple solution and structure that minimizes complexity and delivers a structure that enables our clients to progress towards the preferred strategic milestones.

Compensation is an important part of every organization and setting up the proper structure upfront will help save additional future costs and time to change it in the future. Our team is well versed with navigating the various compensation and benefit packages that can be offered. Once we realize your needs, we can build tax-efficient, effective packages for your business. We can help develop equity compensation programs through the design and implementation process as well as retirement benefits for your employees.

As the professional commitments have given way to the gig-economy, retaining talent has become an even more challenging responsibility for our clients. Through our time-tested inputs and programs, clients can, more effectively, retain their employees while giving them opportunities to grow and be rewarded. Our clients have benefitted from following our inputs to provide their employees a clear career roadmap outlining the performance metrics needed to attain the next level responsibility and compensation. We also help our clients create and innovate on long-term compensation plans. Some included arer retirement plans, insurance policies, benefits (including unconventional benefits) such paid sabbaticals, and travel and volunteering opportunities.

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