Capital Raising to Promote Growth

To Dilute or to Borrow?

Equity is not as inexpensive as it seems, Leverage can suffocate, so which one then?

Capital Raising to Promote Growth

Our professionals serve as agents to our small and middle market clients. Our strategy enables us to guide clients to meet their financial objectives by providing support from beginning to end of a deal. Our process consistently enables transaction success, which we credit to our collective years of experience. Occams offers capital raising services for Growth Capital as well as for Acquisition Financing. We have proven expertise in Debt Financing and Restructuring as well as Project & Real Estate Finance.

Our process is tailor-made to our clients and consistently produces successful results and satisfied clients. In approaching a capital raise assignment, our team has a foolproof methodology, which begins with a preliminary discussion regarding our client’s expectations, deadlines, and objectives. We conduct a thorough examination of the client’s business and financial health before a rigorous evaluation of alternative transaction opportunities. While assessing these opportunities we additionally work to minimize foreseeable risks and problems. We identify potential financial and strategic investors that align with our client’s goals and market the business to these investors. We market our business to investors and negotiate the terms in the best interest of our clients. We provide assistance from the start to a closing of the transaction. Our team works tirelessly to guarantee our client’s definition of success.

Financial Advisory and Transaction Integration

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