Business Services & Growth Incubation.



Business Services & Growth Incubation

Our Business Services & Growth Incubation provides start-ups and small businesses growth incubation and essential business services. We foster the development of early-stage ventures by providing business services and resources. In addition to the much-needed guidance to emerging entrepreneurs, Occams’ BSGI provides essential business services such as financial Accounting Advisory, Structuring & Incorporation, Human Capital Advisory (HCA), Marketing & Branding Services (MBS) under a subscription model. HCA is of specific importance as start-ups find it difficult to attract and retain talent. Occams HCA offers highly customized solutions for our clients’ diverse needs. Hiring and retaining quality talent is arguably the greatest responsibility of management and Occams has helped several of its clients achieve exceptional results.

Depending upon the range and complexity of their needs, our clients may sign for a buffet style all-in-one service structure. Thus, Occams BSGI Services is almost like hiring a team of experts. This is a great feature for small businesses, as many of them have neither the need nor the budget for a full-time person to take care of their essential business services.


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