Noted American writer and civil rights activist Maya Angelou had said “equal rights, fair play, justice, are all like the air: We all have it, or none of us has it.” I add – equality and fairness are elegant and yet elusive and ephemeral. As United States and its 330+ million people gear up to celebrate our 246th Independence Day, we at Occams – regardless of whether we are in US or any other place – must remember the core principles that the most powerful nation in the world is built on: equality, rights, liberty, opportunity, and democracy. While some of the rights are being challenged through unexpected and unfair action by judiciary and the foundation of liberty were jeopardized by actions of those wo were entrusted to preserve it, we must cherish “Satyameva Jayate” (Truth only Triumphs), India’s national motto and an eternal refrain from Upanishad.

2022 marks a watershed year in the history of Occams, not only because the company turned a decade old this year, but because we have found a new gear to our drive as we get past our COVID era lows.  As we celebrate Independence Day, let us remember that just like independence is not an entitlement and it must be preserved and nurtured each day, our growth is not an entitlement, and it must be earned by the actions of each employee each day. When you step up and serve a client in an exceptional way, we grow.  When you do your best with and for a team member, we grow. When you remember and rekindle your ambition each day, we grow.

Today as we get ready for a special day that marks the upward surge of mankind towards cherished values such as liberty and opportunity, I invite you to let yourself free, free from the shackles of what is restraining you. I invite you to secure your genuine freedom: by setting a goal, a big goal, an audacious goal. It could be anything – professional, financial, relational, social, or spiritual. But it must be something that inspires and excites you. Spell out that inspires you, say what motivates you and scribble down which uplifts you towards what makes you. We at Occams must be committed to becoming better by making others better off. That means we give our clients a better service, we give our cohorts a better experience and most important we give ourselves a better future by creating a better today – through thoughtful and deliberate actions.

Let us Incept the Infinite within us. Let us become truly Free. Happy Freedom Day.

Happy July 4th – Anupam Satyasheel – Founder