We started our entrepreneurial journey in 2012 as Occams Paradigm with an aspiration to be an elite intellectual firm catering to select number of exclusive clienteles. Our mission was reflected in our purple logo and our elitist name. The journey dedicated to empowering the greatest potential of the targeted constituencies led us to the realization that the extent of our impact was not limited to the selected few we were catering to.

Inspired by the need and the mission to make the greatest possible contribution to a much larger audience we diversified into Personal Finance & Professional Services in 2016. We became Occams Advisory and sought to be on the ‘Cutting Edge of Simple’. This reflected in our transition to adopting blue and orange symbolizing intellectual and energizing contributions that we aspired to make to our cohorts, clients, and communities.

Over last five years we have touched over 1,000,000 lives, served over 10,000 clients with distinction, enabled 10,000 children’s education, brought professional empowerment to over 1,000 people across 6 countries. We have been rewarded for our contribution with numerous acknowledgments by our clients, cohorts, communities, and constituencies – including media houses as prominent as Financial Times and Inc magazine. While these accolades matter to us, our real reward continues to be the satisfaction and gratitude of our clients and our cohorts, because it is they who make all this possible.

Over last several months, we reflected deeply on our role in a post pandemic world, distressed and united by an unseen and potent force. We concluded that we can no longer contain ourselves in advisory services. Our contribution must be broader and deeper than just advising the ones who can afford it. We believe that we must bring the power and potency of our dreams, our determination and our drive to the billions of people who inhabit this planet – and potentially go even beyond.

To celebrate this inspiration milestone, we have reinvented ourselves as Occams – replacing Advisory with a simple but ambitious tag line ‘Inception to Infinity’. We seek to invoke and inspire the infinite potential hidden in you. The ‘you’ here includes not only our cohorts, communities, and clients, but extends to global constituencies, climate and continuation of evolution of human spirit.

Today – as a determined and dedicated agent of the greatest human mission of actualizing its potential, we recommit to pushing the frontiers of possibilities. We present to you an elegant, eloquent, elevated invitation – to seek that which is embedded in all of us – Infinity: from wherever it is to wherever it will go, from the deepest of our conscious to the greatest of our potential, from Inception to Infinity.