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Occams ERC Audit Advisory:

Our ERC Audit Advisory includes leading risk management strategies and processes Occams deploys to manage the risk that either an ineligible employer has claimed ERC, or the amounts claimed are not per the guidance provided by lawmakers and the program’s agent IRS. In recognition of the extraordinary challenges faced by ERC advisory service providers, Occams has developed for all ERC claimants, expertise directly related to the response to, and managing various ERC audit risks up to the tax court.

Scope of Audit Advisory:

We will be offering specifically trained research analysts, and subject matter specialists dedicated to the ERC Program. Our services will include:

  1. Review of ERC computations, including adjustments of PPP loan/s (if applicable), exclusion of majority owners’ family members’ payroll from ERC eligible payroll, and all other statutory adjustments
  2. Preliminary assessment of eligibility based on criteria as available under the Program
  3. Conduct detailed interview with You to establish ERC eligibility and compilation of metrics as evidence for eligibility
  4. Extending audit support for the maximum period of potential audit by IRS

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So, even if you already got an opinion from another tax professional, we encourage you to spend 15 minutes with our team for trusted due diligence on your eligibility for ERC and why you may be entitled even if you did not experience a drop in revenue.

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