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Small and medium businesses (SMB’s) have a clear and unmet need for a reliable one-stop shop for business, financial & professional services. Occams Advisory was founded in 2012 to meet this need as a one-stop firm that serves SMB’s worldwide. We provide expert services across three well-defined service-verticals: Business Services & Growth Incubation (BSGI), Capital Markets & Investment Banking (CMIB), Financial Technology & Payment Solutions (FTPS).
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We serve our clients as a trusted advisor and growth partner through their business lifecycle. Through the synergistic combination of Fortune 500 expertise, our own entrepreneurial experience and a globally diverse perspective, we deliver world class business and professional advisory to businesses and families. We help entrepreneurs optimize their approach to their business by providing clarity out of complexity through customized and integrated solutions that drive long-term and sustainable growth. To families we offer a unique blend of financial and professional services that enable better decision-making and lead to consistently superior outcomes.



Responsible and ethical business is our way of conducting business. We contribute to climate change and environmental preservation. Our endeavor is to create positive changes to business and society as a whole, with guidance from our values and principles. Commitment to responsible business practices is invariably prioritized. We are building motivated teams by considering our promises to collaboration, diversification, and inclusion. Our team has developed a successful step-by-step process. We incorporate people with exceptional talents, abilities, and potential into an environment which enhances personal growth to apex levels.. Our success in attracting and retaining high quality and diverse talent, is a reflection of our outreach to the global societies in which we all live and work.


Founded in 2012, Occams Advisory has fulfilled an unmet need – the need for small businesses to have access to an affordable, one-stop shop for strategic advisory and functional services. Through the founder’s own entrepreneurial experiences, as well as from client feedback, Occams Advisory was created, from day one, to serve the small business market by addressing the most pressing needs of entrepreneurs.

Our name is inspired by the principle of Occams Razor, propounded by William of Occam (1288-1348 AD), an English Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher. Occams Razor is a line of reasoning that says the simplest answer is often correct. Occams Advisory uses this spirit of problem-solving to provide simple solutions to complex problems, focusing on tangible results, measurable impact and continuous improvement.



“Through our observations and learnings, we have created a logical and sequential O.C.C.A.M.S set of Values and Principles, across Emotional, Intellectual and Physical dimensions that human beings operate in. Our beliefs are grounded in latest and most advanced scientific research that explore the effects that emotions have on our entire being originating from cells in particular, on our chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA. Leading scientists and neurologists have aligned to conclude that our emotions can shape our physical reality at the molecular level. Hence, we at Occams emphasize upon Emotions: Feelings as the single most critical building block of Intellect: Thinking which drives and executes our Physical: Being.

 Click on the Trinity of O.C.C.A.M.S. philosophies that lay out our model of an ideal individual, intellectual and professional.”



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Ownership Emotionality means taking Accountability for the success of the Outcome of our Actions. A culture of Ownership & Accountability, where team members are empowered to make decisions & take Ownership of the Outcomes is a characteristic of our Culture.


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Emotional Clarity is an Outcome of Self-Awareness. This is a surprisingly rare skill but at Occams we need Employees to use Models such as Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (ABC) which is an approach that can be used to help examine behaviors that lead to a certain kind of Emotion. To empower ourselves with well-defined goal, we need emotional Clarity. Else internal contradictions derail our progress.


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Connection means feeling in touch with someone who cares about us. Each of us has an innate need to feel safely attached to another person who will be there in our times of physical or emotional need. As a organization driven to achieve high levels of professional excellence, we need to foster the feeling of Connection with our colleagues, clients and community.


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Appreciation is a feeling or expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude. Gratitude or gratefulness is a deliberate practice that allows us to appreciate what we are blessed to have. This practice makes us admire what is good in our lives, in people around us and in ourselves. As a result, we start approving and accepting what people are doing and it allows us to filter out instinctively negative reactions and thoughts. This emotional state motivates us to align with win-win outcomes for all the parties involved and avoid prioritizing self-interest which is not sustainable.


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Manage is to be in charge of our emotions and not let our emotions be in charge of us. Though sounding relatively simple, this is a practice that transforms our lives. Faced with the same situation we can choose to have an emotional reaction or a feeling that is for our better. As widely quoted, ‘Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.’ As we learn and get better at managing our emotions, we will see the direct impact that our emotions have on our mindset and our actions.


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To Serve is probably the most important reason for our existence. The emotion to Serve is to embrace the mindset to serve our purpose, to serve our clients, our communities and our families. A truly effective and inspiring leader is not seeking to lead people; s/he is inspired to serve them. A service mindset is an outlook that focuses on creating customer value, loyalty and trust.



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Outcome Mindset is a focus on what Output & Impact our Actions (or lack of Actions) are creating on our Employees, Team, Clients & Community that you Service. Outcome Mindset consistently needs you to think of our Actions in terms of the Observable Output that you are creating.


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Intellectual Curiosity envelopes the idea of stretching our minds past obvious facts to absorb and understand Context of what you do and the Impact it creates. Curiosity is the drive to understand more about our work and the larger Context of its meaning to our Clients & Team. Curiosity provides the motivation to invest time and energy into pursuit of knowledge.


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Commitment is ‘the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.’. The challenge most professionals encounter is making promises about behaviors and outcomes, but paying insufficient attention to the process necessary to achieve those goals.


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Anticipation is the act of looking forward which can be interpreted as visualization of a future event or state. It is a scientifically researched and established dictum that visualization impacts what happens to us. Whether we are convinced or yet to be, the act of being deliberate about what our next hour, day, week, month or year should look like can only empower us with clarity re our own expectations. This clarity results in goals and objectives which in turn set us up for progress in the desired direction.


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Measure is to ascertain the quantum or significance. When choosing where we spend our time, we must first ask the most fundamental question – ‘is this important?’. Any activity that fails this test must be declined. If important, an activity could be either urgent or not urgent. While important & urgent always presses upon us, our greatest success will result from focusing on activities that are Important but not urgent. Activities such as physical exercising, relationship building, academic pursuits and visualizing our perfect future all belong to this category.


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To Seek is to attempt or desire to obtain or achieve. It also has the philosophical meaning to discover the nature of truth and knowledge and to find what is of basic value and importance in life. We must be driven to seek and not to crave to be sought. Seeking makes us look for opportunities and act to achieve. It is fundamental to moving forward and making progress.



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Output is the Physical Manifestation i.e. Quantifiable result of the Actions taken. At Occams, we are encouraged and even required to have an Output Focus. Unlike cultures where Employees feel content to provide their Inputs, at Occams, we are needed to hyper-focus on Output.


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Context is the necessary backdrop to everything that transpires or does not. Nothing exists in pure vacuum. One can identify & observe the Context of any Action. Without being curious about the Context, one might act with inadequate focus on Outcome which will make one less Effective than one could be. Solutions crafted with Context in mind tend to be more effective and serve long-term goals.


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Communication includes speaking, listening, reading, writing and a plethora of non-verbal cues such as body language and tone. At Occams, we believe in top-tier Communication by practicing Proactive Transparency, Explicit Expectations. In each iteration, we ask you to be SMART – Specific (in our ask), Measured (in our approach), Articulate (in our expression).


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Action is the physical outcome of the philosophy to Act and Not be Acted Upon. We must take an action to progress towards our goals and vision of the future. Each thoughtful and well-directed action moves us along the desired trajectory. The difference between acting versus waiting to be asked or to acted upon is that of day and night. Our core philosophy has to include a habit to be action oriented. While this can lead to mistakes and errors, opportunities for correction and further attempts are provided as a result.


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Metrics are the method of measuring something, or the results obtained. Results are the objectives and indisputable measure of the outcome from our efforts. Fundamental to our ability to succeed is the commitment to the fact that our Results are the truest measure of how well directed and well executed our efforts are. Thus, beginning by defining the preferred Results in various walks of our lives and directing our focus on getting there is an effective way to make progress. Metrics that measure our progress in the direction of preferred Results keep us honest re the efficacy of our efforts.


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To Simplify is to reduce to basic essentials, to demystify, to make things less complex. Breaking things down to the core factors and steps facilitates the option to itemize and prioritize. Unless we simplify, we run the risk of being lost in complexities. Simplifying also lets us eliminate what is unnecessary and redundant in the complexity. Simplification lets us focus on the precious few and ignore the distractions in a situation.

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We live in a world where over a billion people are malnourished and an even larger number do not have access to clean water. About one child in every five receives no education and is at risk. As the world gets ready to grow by at least two billion people over the next three decades, mostly in the developing world, these challenges can compound. The right action, which is what we do, is taking preventative and remedial steps

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Occams is committed to creating tangible and measurable social change. We work with non-profits across the globe to produce results for all our stakeholders. We work to instill a sense of awareness in our clients, our communities, but most importantly in our people. Our deep belief that change is holistic drives our people to care about real change. We endeavor to be fully engaged on the issues that affect our stakeholders and us.

‘Over its lifetime, Occams has contributed to the society by funding education opportunities and providing clothes and essential items to over 15,000 children and adults across North America, multiple African and South Asian countries. We have consistently contributed 1-2% of our topline to charitable causes globally.’