The ability of an agency to capitalize on marketing trends can make or break it, so being on top of the newest is critical to staying ahead of the pack. All of these factors are vital for agencies to grasp, from basic techniques like influencer and micro-influencer marketing to larger, more complicated approaches like automation and the condition of digital marketing in general.


Introducing Artificial Intelligence

The world has been buzzing about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) would eventually take over every area of your life. We don’t recognize it, but the transformation has already begun. Sixty percent of internet users have used an AI chatbot to answer questions across numerous applications and websites.



The majority of the material we consume on social media sites has been fine-tuned by artificial intelligence (AI) to keep us interested for longer! This technology is so incredible that it is expected to be a $190 billion business by 2025, and digital marketers have a fantastic chance to take advantage of it.

AI can also help organizations understand how customers locate their products and services by analyzing consumer behavior and search trends, as well as using data from social media sites like Instagram and blog posts.

Native Advertising

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate ad buying is known as programmatic advertising. Companies get a more dependable and cost-effective answer to their demands when people are removed from the ad purchasing process.

When AI is used to automate advertising, it allows advertisers to target more particular audiences.



Automation is rapid and efficient, which leads to higher conversion rates and cheaper client acquisition costs.

Real-time bidding is a sort of programmatic ad buying that enables better and faster targeting, qualifying to advertise to be purchased and sold on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that only visitors who are part of your target audience see the ad.


Personalized Email Marketing

Automated email marketing, as the name indicates, involves sending emails to your consumers on a regular basis depending on triggers or schedules that you create.

Email has traditionally been the most dependable digital marketing method. Promotional emails are an excellent method to keep in touch with your clients and inform them about your company’s accomplishments or upcoming sales.

However, most individuals have ceased replying to commercial emails as a result of the overuse of bulk email approaches. Personalized emails are an excellent approach to reclaim your consumer’s attention and build a lot more engaged customer base.



Personalize your marketing in 2022 if you want to stand out, which involves personalizing content, goods, emails, and so on. Personalization turns out to be a hit with customers:

  • According to a poll, 72 % respond to marketing communications that are tailored to their preferences.
  • According to a Salesforce poll, marketers regard personalization as having the greatest impact on their customer experience (64%), conversion rate (63 %), and visitor engagement (55 %)



Starbucks has launched a gamified smartphone app that tracks how many times a consumer has visited, their purchase history, and their location. Customers were able to customize their beverages and get prizes with this customized software. The reward system’ feature in the app boosted revenue to $2.56 billion.


Video Marketing

One of the challenges faced by marketers in recent years has been displaying long-form texts on mobile displays since people find it difficult and boring to read them. However, regardless of the technology, a video may communicate the same information considerably more effectively.

According to Seotribunal, a video on your website is 50 times more likely to generate organic search results than plain text. What causes this to happen? Because users perceive video material to be more engaging, Google prioritizes such sites in its search results.

But simply producing a video after another isn’t enough. You need to make sure that you are well-aware of the ongoing video marketing trends, a few of them are listed below:

  • Livestreams on mobile
  • Short-form videos
  • user-generated video content
  • Online Training & Educational Videos
  • Video advertising
  • Interactive AR content


Social Messaging Apps

Take a look at these figures if you think social messaging applications are only for sending emoticons to your friends:

  • WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat, the top three social messaging applications, have 4.5 billion users combined, more than Facebook or YouTube.
  • In all phases of the buyer’s journey, over 56% of worldwide messaging app users claim they’ve messaged businesses to seek additional information.

Another example of a conversational marketing approach is the use of social messaging applications. People expect businesses to have a messaging app presence since it is a direct and quick method to communicate with customers.


Voice Search

The growing popularity of voice search has prompted businesses to reconsider their digital marketing methods. Consider the following if you’re still on the fence regarding voice search:

  • Voice searches account for 20% of all online searches.
  • Voice search was utilised by 58 percent of customers to locate local company information.
  • Voice search is used by 40% of individuals on a daily basis.
  • Every month, 1 billion voice searches are conducted.


There are a few reasons why Voice Search, a capability that we all got with our smartphones around 2014, is exploding this year. To begin with, smart speakers are becoming increasingly popular. A smart speaker, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, has been purchased by 20% of homes. People are starting to become used to this new behaviour, as seen by the acceptance of devices that are completely voice search operated.

Most importantly, it is predicted that by 2022, voice results would account for 50% of all internet purchases. This is a $40 billion potential for digital marketers to take advantage of. With so many indicators pointing to the advent of voice search, having your website voice search ready will be critical in the future.